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I truly believe that sharing is caring, so here are some articles from my freelance blog.

  Instagram has over 500 million monthly users, of which 300+ million are daily actives. That’s a huge amount! If you are not implementing these 3 easy powerful tips in your Instagram marketing strategy then you may achieve little to no success. So, take advantage of these 3 tips and get posting!   Tip 1. Creating Content There is over 95 million posts shared on Instagram every day. These posts are a mix of images […]
  In the beginning in can be pretty hard to get your head around/manage all the things necessary to become great at freelancing. Setting up a schedule, managing deadlines, charging per hour or by the end of the project & keeping the client up to date with everything while working hard & doing your best to make a killer project for your portfolio. As with everything, the beginning is always the hardest & it is […]
how to win in life by erasing your fears
  Fears are existing in each one of us, but we cope differently with them. Some may never overcome fear in their life & others may. How can we overcome fear? Fear has many faces, & that is why it can be so hard to deal with them because it's really hard to identify those faces. Sometimes fear is sitting & waiting in the back of one's mind. Other times, it will hit you right […]

A short story

I was never really fond of going to primary school,  back then I didn’t have a clue on what a freelance guy was doing.
My classmates seemed stressed out & for that reason they did not care much about each other.
For a good reason our teacher didn’t like us, in return we didn’t respect the teacher.
I believe they saw me as very reserved, never paying much attention to what was going on around me.

So I was mostly alone in front of my computer getting to know the world-wide web & reading books.
Up until 21 years old I didn’t really know what to do with my life, probably because of a hard childhood.
I dropped out of military service after a short period & that caused me some distress.

Then I began to apply for jobs, hence the bills that I had to pay.
One lucky day I was for an interview on the local newspaper, seems like luck finally struck me.
I showed some of my recent  digital wallpapers that I have made in my spare time.
I got the internship!
Sitting next to me on our small messy desk was the Graphic Designer.
I had the feeling that I would like to do what he was doing in the future.

Freelance way of living

2 years later I completed a Multimedia design education & that became my first step towards freelance work.
Since then I have always been passionate about creating beautiful things in various forms & types of media.

I started to study programming, but 6 months later I dropped out, because there was a lack of passion & drive.
Programming was not for me, but i was sure that I would like to use it later as a tool for making my designs function probably.

Then I studied for a bachelor’s degree in design & business, furthermore I started my company, which I don’t regret.
After 18 months I failed my startup, because I had to many things on my plate.
But later I got my bachelor diploma in visual communication, which I am very happy with up until this day.

I worked really hard to get an ordinary job, as a result I finally got a job as a Graphic Designer.
The sad thing was, that I replaced the very same guy sitting next to me years earlier.

What i learned from my life experience, is that my primary mission is to help other people succeed, whether it be through Web Design or Print Design.

That is also why i started this website, so that I can show some of my work to help future clients.
In addition the primary goal on this website, is to share great content with my network.
I believe that all of us has unique talents & gifts that we can use to help others with, in return of helping others we also learn something.

Motivation & inspiration

I try as much as possible to act as an inspiration & motivator for people.
Especially if they are going through hard times, which I also have experienced myself.
Because of that, I believe I am able to help you, because I have faced great challenges in my life .

Therefore you should check out my blog, due to the focus on high quality content & life experience.
I hope that the content you find there will be pleasing & usable, because it can serve you as inspiration.

I like to create things with a computer, as a result I have selected some of my work for you to look at.

Freelance Work

I’m striving to build nice visual products both online/offline.
My full digital freelance portfolio is available on Béhance.

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