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3 Amazing Tips On How To Engage With Your Followers


Introduction You probably want a bigger Twitter and Facebook audience. Many people wan’t to have more followers, because they are transformed into your target audience.   But the question is, how are you going to make that happen?   I will show you 3 easy tips on how to get more followers & how to engage, and nuture your audience so you end up with them sharing great content with you, and you providing value by sharing & and last but not at least make some great content for them.


3 Simple Hacks On How To Become A Creative Mastermind


Introduction You probably love to create amazing graphics. It could be, graphic design,logo branding, web design, branding identity, or within another creative field. You could be studying within a creative field or specialised within one or two of the topics above. Maybe neither of them suits your profile. Whatever the case, i am positive that you will find great inspiration from the 3 tips below on your journey to become a creative mastermind! Transfoming Energy Into CreativityTo truly be able to nurture ones creativity, its necesary for you to know

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I strive to build amazing visual experiences for iOS, web, and print. Please check out som of my selected work below


I am René Vella - I have a bachelors degree in visual communication. I like to help people and their businesses stand out.


I also like to inspire people on their journey to reach their goals. I love to design, write, create read, train, ride, (motorbike), share & talk (mostly deep talking, small-talking, and gossip drains me). I believe that the things i create & share can help you and other people to better themself and make you realise that you and your work really matters. We need people that teaches other people how to be successful. I believe that everybody has unigue talents and gifts that they can use to, inspire, teach, share and help others with.

I never really liked going to school in fact I hated school, there were fights and people use to talk down to earch other and their classmates, even our teacher didn't like us because we didn't respect him/her. I was seen as a reserved daydreamer, always looking out the window, never wanted to give a crap about the people around me. So I was mostly alone, in front of my computer, getting to know the world wide web, or reading books. Up until 21 years old I didn't really know what to do with my life. I dropped out of military service after 5 days, and after that I went into depression. After that I was forced to apply for jobs, one lucky day I was for an interview on the local newspaper, I showed them some of my recent Photoshop picture manipulations that I have made in my free time, and i got the internship. Sitting next to me on our small messy desk was the Graphic Designer. Reserved as I was, we never talked to each other, but a had the feeling that I would like to do what he was doing in the future.

Fastforward, I completed a 2 year Multimedia design education. Then I started studying Web development, after 6 months I dropped out. Programming was not for me. Then I started my own company, & I studied for a bachelor in visual communicationwhere i learned, graphic design, & logo branding. After 1 year our startup failed. 6 months later I got my diploma in visual communication. 5 months later I got no job, 10 months later I got a job as a Graphic Designer taking the position from the guy sitting next to me years ealier. 10 months into the job they fired me. 6 months after that I was still without a job. After 9 months a got a job, then I was fired within 3 months. And now I am creating this site.

I guess the reason why I feel truly successful is because I just never stop doing what I love. Now that you've read about my failures, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, there you will find my achievements.

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