To the freelance design portfolio of René Vella.
I’m a graphic designer that creates websites, logo design, apps & more.

WELCOMEto the design portfolio & blog of René Vella. I’m a graphic designer that creates websites, logo design, apps & more.


Work & Play

I’m striving to build highly usable products for web, print & ios.


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Now I'm gonna show you, how to make the life of your dreams. First of all, you have to know, that if you really want to become successful in achieving your dream life, you'll want to quit so many times that I will get exhausted just by telling you.You should also be aware that for you to reach your dream life, it's not enough only to grow yourself, physically & mentally but also the people […]



I’ve worked with clients within many different trades.


René Vella

A different thinking graphic designer, that loves to create everything digital.


A Short Story

First of all,  I would like to tell you a story, since people usually like to hear a good story, back in primary school,  I didn’t know that I would be a freelance graphic designer in the future.
I felt that I was different from everyone else in my class, in addition, I was born introverted.
Consequently, I did not have many deep relationships, due to my quiet personality.

My classmates did not like to listen to our teacher, so our teacher had a hard time.
For a good reason our teacher didn’t like us, hence all the noise we made.
My classmates saw me as reserved because I was never paying much attention to what was going on around me.
So for most of the time, I was alone in front of my computer, getting to know the world-wide-web.

Finally, I grew up & by the time I was 21 years old,  I didn’t have a clue on what I would like to work with for a living.
I dropped out of military service after a short period & that caused some drama.
Then I began to apply for jobs, hence the bills that I had to pay.
Some time went by, then finally I came
for an interview at, the local newspaper.
While not being sure it was gonna be a great job there I showed them some relevant digital wallpapers that I have made in my spare time.
They liked my work & I got the internship, probably because it was not costly for them to give me the position.

The Freelance Way

Sitting next to me on our small messy desk was the Graphic Designer, after a while I had the feeling that I would like to do what he was doing in the future.
Consequently, I applied for 
a Multimedia design education.
Finally, after 2 years I completed the education & that
was probably my first step towards freelance work.

Since then I have always been passionate about creating beautiful things in various forms & types of media, therefore I used most of my free-time, to design my first homepage.
I started to study programming, but 6 months later I dropped out, yet I know that it was not for nothing.

Programming was difficult for me, in conclusion, I tried really hard to learn it.
I was sure that I would like to use programming later as a tool for making my designs function probably, so I began to study for a bachelor’s degree in design & business.
Then I founded Code & Pixels with two friends since that was the fastest way to get experience within the area of graphic design.
Most noteworthy was it that we didn’t have any experience with working directly with customers.
So by that time I was pretty busy, since I was studying full-time, running Code & Pixels & working part-time in Adecco.
18 months time passed by & then we closed our startup due to lack of, engagement.

Finally, I got my bachelor in visual communication at VIA university, in which I am very happy with.

I Can Help You

It was hard to get an ordinary job, then finally, luck struck me & I got a job as a Graphic Designer.
This was especially relevant for me because I could put the theory from school to use.
I replaced the very same guy sitting next to me years earlier, so that was, pretty sad.
Because I would like to coöperate with him since we could have made some great projects together.

What I learned from my life experience, is that my primary mission is to help other people succeed, whether it be through web, print, logo or ios design.
I, started this website to give som value to my network so that I can show some of my work.
The platform serves as a tool to get in contact with future customers while sharing great content with my network.
I believe that all of us has unique talents that we can use to help others with.
In return for helping other people, we also learn something & we should aim to never stop learning new things.
Most of all I try to motivate other people while working hard on achieving my dreams, which is the main goal of any human being in my opinion.
The ability to help other people is very important for me, which is the very reason that I started this Portfolio/Blog.
Finally, I have made a collection below of some of my work for you to see.