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First of all, this is the blog where people in my network seek advice on the topics of, freelance work, social media, growth hacking & life experience. As a result, this is about networking, social media, how to get leads, how to be successful & more. First of all its important to know that the main reason I started this blog is to share my experience with my network. Due to importance, of giving back & helping. Because it’s important to teach others & in return I get new & exciting connections, that I also can learn from.

First of all, it’s important that you collect all the tools necessary while, still working on your marketing through blog posts, due to the importance of building your network. Because while building your network it’s also important to make a solid SEO foundation for your website. Since the articles, you make act as keyword focal points, while also proving that you are professional in your field of work. In conclusion, the more you write the more SEO you get, while also getting known by peers in your network.

After a while, you will begin to see the freedom of making blog content, due to the control you have in your work & time. When your clients give you credit for the content you’ve created, you become happy. Hence you begin to deliver even greater pieces of work, due to the credit you were given. Finally, you begin to write better articles, while not seeing it as work anymore. Because it becomes fun to do. When were having fun, we deliver the best pieces of content & work!

3 Very Simple Secrets On How To Be Successful In Your Life Like Bruce Lee
Now I'm gonna show you, how to make the life of your dreams. First of all, you have to know, that if you really want to become successful in achieving your dream life, you'll want to quit so many times that I will get exhausted just by telling you.You should also be aware that for you to reach your dream life, it's not enough only to grow yourself, physically & mentally but also the people […]

3 Easy Powerful Instagram Tips for Success

Instagram has over 500 million monthly users, of which 300+ million are daily active. That’s a huge amount! If you are not implementing these 3 easy powerful tips in your Instagram marketing strategy then you may have little to no success. So, take advantage of these 3 tips and get posting! Tip 1. Creating ContentThere are over 95 million posts shared on Instagram every day. These posts are a mix of images and videos. If you […]

5 Hacks On How To Be More Awesome Freelancing

Freelance is pretty hard in the beginning.It is frustrating to get your head around/manage all the things necessary to become great serving your clients. Setting up a schedule, managing deadlines, charging per hour or by the end of the project.its hard to keep the client up to date with everything while working at full speed.Doing your absolute best to make a killer project for your portfolio.As with everything, the beginning is always the hardest & […]