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3 Amazing Tips On How To Engage With Your Followers

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This article is for you if you want more Twitter and Facebook followers & want to connect with people so that you can learn from each other.
Many people want to have more followers because over time they transform into your target audience.
But the question is, how are you going to make that happen?

I will show you 3 easy tips on how to get more followers & how to engage and nurture your audience, In return, they'll share great content with you.
You will learn to offer value by sharing & making great content for them.


Followers Tool

This is a great Twitter tool to help you build a solid network foundation, it can help you build your career - It will help you to connect with the right people.
Those people who find interest in what you have to say & share on social media.
It is not important to have a big follower base, the thing that really matters is having the right people following you.
One of the things you have to do is write down 20-30 keywords that you think are interesting. 
To get you started I have listed some tips below:

 look at a few of the keywords that are 'trending' and then pick those keywords that fit your brand best.

 brainstorm on those you've just picked, and write down the results you come up with. Voila! now you have a few more.


Social app

Go to & sign up for your 14-day free trial.
From my personal experience, I really think this tool is really great.
It kind of fixes you Twitter profile to follow the right people, in comparison to your recent tweets & they will most likely follow you back!

Most people will experience a growth in followers & engagement, almost every day you use the tool.
Great conversations most likely arise on the topics both of you find interesting much as in life.
Some will offer to help you & ask you some interesting questions while you should focus on providing value through content marketing.


Platform engagement

Now when your audience is getting bigger and better, you have to know the proper ways of communication on Twitter (& your other chosen platforms for that matter).

"Be real, genuine & authentic"
- René Vella'

The important thing to understand here is that you act authentic. Seriously, be yourself.
Are you a serious type of person? Then be serious in your tone and the way you express yourself.
humorist? then allow yourself being that on social media too.
both? then do both things! It is really important that you allow yourself to act genuinely

It's pretty simple, and people will connect with the real you, you will experience people having a genuine conversation with you because they see a real human being behind your brand & logo.


Killer content

After you have started t tweet & chat with your followers, you will start to notice what problems they are facing.

Start to make your mind circulate around how to help them, by finding solutions to their problems.

Then either write an article, make a video, or share a link, that helps them on their journey to the solution.
"But I can't just find or make stuff out of nowhere!"

Of course, you can't, none of us work this way.
READING is the essential thing to do & when you have done that, then you have to read, and when you are finishing doing that, then read som more.
I believe that the only genuine way to make high-quality content for your audience is to read high-quality content.

Your turn!
What do you think is the best way to build a great network on Twitter/Facebook?

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