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How To Win In Life By Erasing Your Fears

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Fears are existing in each one of us, but we cope differently with them.
Some may never overcome fear in their life & others may. How can we overcome fear?
Fear has many faces, & that is so hard to deal with them because it's really hard to name those faces.
Sometimes fear is sitting & waiting in the back of one's mind.
Other times, it will hit you right in the face in a matter of split-seconds.

In this article, I will explain my personal experience with fear, & the liberating feeling & growth experience I got after overcoming some of the faces that fear has.


Fear Of Failure

The fear of failure is one of the very common types of fear.
To understand why this type of fear & other kinds of fears exists we have to look beyond ourselves.
My very first day in school was very strange. My mom told me that I had to learn some things so that I could grow up & be successful.
When I got to school, the teachers told me to carry out the tasks in front of me & get good grades, so that I could grow up & become whatever I wanted (so I could become successful).
Then when I finished primary school, They told me: "Now you need an education so that you can get a job & earn loads of money".

The reason for why we are becoming afraid of failure is simply because we are often told, that we have to prove ourselves so that we can become successful.
So as if we don't manage being, smart & clever, all hell will break loose!

Then after some, years I started to grow up, & the most amazing things started to happen!

I started to fail.

In the beginning, it was not amazing. It is hard to fail because you feel that you are not a whole person anymore.
But after that dark period, I started to feel a sense of relief.

Because it was now clear that I could be successful even when failing from time to time. In fact, it was growing me personally & career wise!


Fear Of Success

After a while running through this process I started to feel a lot of strength, it was like my failures became my greatest strengths.
That strength turned into projects, which turned into money, which turned into helping family & friends.
For me, that is being truly successful.

Helping others so that they can help others.
It will start a ripple effect, and good fortune & 'luck' will start to happen in your life.
Then after that, the fear of success hit me square in the face.
What if I don't have the time, the money, the character, the tools, the job, to keep being successful in helping others & earning the money necessary to keep pushing for the end goal.
Then after doing a lot of heavy lifting, I adopted this mindset.

 "Money is no object, it appears. Where there is a will there is a way."
- René Vella


Deleting Your Fears

I will now present to you a simple killer tool, to deal with the fears you may have.
After doing the some of the exercises in the book The Steal Like An Artist Journal, I realized how powerful this journal is.
Not only does it spark your creativity & intuition in every way possible.
It also helps you dealing with dark thoughts/fears in your mind that will poison your creativity & mental freedom.
Do not worry, you don't have to buy the book to make this exercise.

Take a pencil & a piece of paper. Write down a full page of all the fears in your mind that you can possibly think of.

After filling your page with written fears, you have to slice all the words over with ink as if your, were to slay a dragon.

Now after that go for a walk to help your mind to process those fears.
When you come home take a pencil & write your answers to the question below.

How are you limiting yourself?

"By erasing our fears we become liberated"
- René Vella

After a while, your life will begin to change in a major way.
Even the conversations you have with people will change.
Now your light will shine brighter & and the people you interact with can feel that you've changed for the better by erasing your fears.
They just don't know how you did it & that is your secret & your power.

Try to use your newborn energy to help other people with their fears. You will start to feel better for every person you liberate.
You should give them advice from your experience with fear, by serving them advice on how they are able to manage their imagined limitations.

Your turn! How have you managed to deal with your fears?
Let me know your opinion or views.

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