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5 Hacks On How To Be More Awesome Freelancing

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Freelance is pretty hard in the beginning.
It is frustrating to get your head around/manage all the things necessary to become great serving your clients.

Setting up a schedule, managing deadlines, charging per hour or by the end of the project.
its hard to keep the client up to date with everything while working at full speed.
Doing your absolute best to make a killer project for your portfolio.

As with everything, the beginning is always the hardest & it's very stressful because you don’t have a clue on where to start & what to do.
But keep calm, I have put together 5 tips for you to become a more awesome freelancer & your clients will love you for it.
Hopefully, they will contact you another time because you are delivering high-quality work.
The main goal is client satisfaction. But where the heck do we start?


Tip 1.
Networking Your Way To The First Freelance Project

First of all, we want to attract an audience to connect with.
Our audience is our potential clients so we should nurture them as much as possible, to get credibility & brand awareness.
My advice is to choose 2 or 3 social networks most to grow your following.
The reason for the advice of most 3 networks is that it’s hardly possible to truly engage with your audience if your online marketing is too broad.
If you are unable to truly engage with your audience it will result in poor results on following rate, shares, likes of your content.
This is something we always would like to avoid.

When I began to create my first social media profiles I didn’t have a clue on what to do with them.
I signed up mostly because of the hype going on around me.
But after a while checking out the channels I saw some people getting a lot of success both personally & business wise.
So one day I thought to myself “why can’t this be me?” & later I had the answer myself.
“If others can do it, then I can too” & so can you.

Below are my Twitter statistics for August month 2016.
The month before that I had a total Twitter following of 135 people.
So as you can see things started happening!


The 1000 Mark

Within a month I got over 1000 thousand followers & I was beyond thrilled!
Within that first month of growing my online presence, I also got my first freelance project through LinkedIn.
In this very moment running the fingers over my keyboard writing this text, I got 3 projects going on 1 web & 2 print.
If you want to know how I managed to go from zero to hero in one month, then read this article: How To Make You The Most Social Growth Hacker.
The article will give you all the necessary tools to get you started on growing your network.


Tip 2.
Use Email & Phone Calls

At the beginning of a freelance project, it’s important to get to know the client & it is equally important that they get to know you.
The best way to do that is by a good old phone call where you can chit-chat about the project, possible complications, solutions & so on.

Email is still among the most convenient ways to communicate when working as a freelance designer.
That is why you need a really great email client to slimline the process of communicating effectively with your clients.
Here is a great article that gives you an overview of the best email clients in 2016 The best free email client 2016.


Tip 3.
Managing Updates & Deadlines

You have to keep your client updated with what tasks you accomplished, this is very important while working freelance.
I can’t stress this enough, because when working remotely, they really rely on you delivering what they expected, at the expected time!

At the end of your day, sum up a list of the tasks that you accomplished.
Be sure that you add, how much time it took you to complete the task/tasks.
At the end of the month, they already have an idea about how much they’re gonna pay you even before they write you the check.


Tip 4.
Work Smarter Not Harder

When working with your first clients, it is very important to keep them up to date with what tasks you have accomplished at the end of the day.
Sometimes they will make you a list of tasks you need to carry out.
So use the very same document they created for you to tick off the tasks when completed.

For your own convenience, it's great if you have your own to do list because while you are working on the tasks from the client.
You will most likely see some errors here/there especially when working on web projects.
So write those errors down as you work on other tasks.

Now after you have finished the client tasks, you go ahead & correct the errors that you wrote down yourself.
So when getting back to your client the list of accomplished tasks is greater than they expected.


Tip 5.
Doing More Than What Is Expected

The last tip to become a freelance master!
Be sure to walk the extra mile, while working with remote clients.
The work you make, will serve & help you to gain recognition.
The better your work, the bigger the chance for getting more projects from the same client in the future.
So do everything possible to make your client happy.

Know when it's time to work hard towards the end goal, but you have to keep in mind that your client, would like advice & suggestions.
Make time for giving you client som advice, from time to time.

After all, you are giving your ability away to serve others & they hired you for a reason.
So don’t be afraid to give your client solid professional advice on the tasks at hand.

After a while, you will begin to love doing freelance!
Being your own boss & meeting deadlines.  

Try to deliver end results before the estimated deadlines & your client will be happy!
When your client is happy, you are happy, when you are happy, you deliver the best possible freelance services!

Your turn! Do you have any useful tips on freelancing?
Let us know your opinion.

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