Growth Hacking

This is the place where I post my growth hacking experience so far, as a result, this is about, networking, social media, how to get leads, conversions & more. First of all its important to know that you need many different tools to become good at growth hacking. Due to the many different stats that are important to collect. Because when you have the stats, the next thing is to use those stats for optimization on the right networks. Much as with making website conversions, it’s equally important to direct traffic to your site with the use of growth hacking methods. Consequently, growth hacking is a crucial tool for getting your next customers.

First of all, it’s important that you collect all the tools necessary while, still working on your marketing through blog posts, due to the importance of building your network. Because while building your network it’s also important to make a solid SEO foundation for your website. Since the articles, you make act as keyword focal points, while also proving that you are professional in your field of growth hacking. In conclusion, the more you write the more SEO you get, while also getting known by peers in your network. As a result, your chance for better conversions rise. Because it’s a snowball effect.

After a while, you will begin to see the results from the work you’ve been doing, & your stats will begin to boom. In conclusion, your clients give you credit for the tools you’ve provided, you become happy. Hence you begin to deliver even greater pieces of work, due to the credit you were given. Finally, you begin to write better articles, while not seeing it as work anymore. Because it becomes fun to do. While were having fun, we deliver the best pieces of content & work!

how to make you the most social growth hacker

How To Make You The Most Social Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking is not just a buzzword at the moment. I truly believe that it is a way of life. All interactions that you have with people online/offline should grow them. For all of us, our main is to use our energy for creating things that help other people. We have our talents & gifts for the sake of helping others. In this article, I will give you some tools, & ideas so you can
3 amazing tips on how to engage with your followers

3 Amazing Tips On How To Engage With Your Followers

This article is for you if you want more Twitter and Facebook followers & want to connect with people so that you can learn from each other. Many people want to have more followers because over time they transform into your target audience. But the question is, how are you going to make that happen? I will show you 3 easy tips on how to get more followers & how to engage and nurture your
3 simple hacks on how to become a creative mastermind

3 Simple Hacks On How To Become A Creative Mastermind

If you like to make creative stuff, this article is for you, as an addition, it's also useful for people working with, graphic design, logo branding & web design. Don't worry, it will still be very useful even if you don't have any experience within these fields. I am positive that you will find great inspiration from the 3 tips below. The goal is to make you a creative mastermind!   Transforming Energy To truly