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3 Very Simple Secrets On How To Be Successful In Your Life Like Bruce Lee

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24th oktober 2016

Now I'm gonna show you, how to make the life of your dreams.
First of all, you have to know, that if you really want to become successful in achieving your dream life, you'll want to quit so many times that I will get exhausted just by telling you.

You should also be aware that for you to reach your dream life, it's not enough only to grow yourself, physically & mentally but also the people you choose to keep in your life.

Furthermore, you should also know that you have to make many sacrifices, while you'll be sweating your butt off to improve your physique, you'll lose friends.
As a result, you'll be so exhausted that it will feel like your heart will blow up any minute.

Sacrificial of time that you would rather spend with your family or friends.

Last but not least.
You need to have an inner hunger about reaching your absolute best potential character.
The truest & most serious kick-ass version of you.
What is a hero to you? Then Be your own hero.
You have to take 110% responsibility for your life.
Because at the end of they day, the only person who knows how you want to live your life. is yourself.

It's equally important that you can keep yourself up through both the good & the bad times of life.

I can hardly prepare your for the obstacles you are going to face, but you have to know that within you, exists the strength and the perseverance you need, to reach your top potential.

If you read this, it seems that you are not scared yet.
It also means that you are pretty serious about reaching your dreams.

I'll show you 3 secrets to make the life of your dreams.


Achieve Inner Strength

Your way of developing inner strength is important for you to recognize for you to become successful.
As I see it, there are only two ways of archiving true inner strength, which is one of the tools you need to make your dream life.

Through physical pain & Exhaustion. (Most types of Sports. note - 'Golf is not a sport').

Through meditation & mindfulness  (learn to let go of anything you fear to lose - Yoda.
Empty your mind - Morpheus).

Feel free to choose one of them or both.
Know that it's not possible to strengthen your mind, doing any of the above things, once or twice or 100 times for that matter.

You have to forget the society-fast-food-way-of-thinking 'Let's do this quick & get over it' 'I'm not good at this, tried 110 times, I quit'.

"Nothing worthy to you, will be an easy accomplishment." - unknown

"Everything worthy to you, will be worth the struggle." - unknown

Thomas Edison failed 10.000 times before inventing the light bulb.
So don't you give up on your dream!


Develop A Killer Work Ethic

You've got to commit to your strengths for them to develop into daily habits.
When you know your strengths, focus on improving them even more.
Realize your weaknesses too, but pay no attention to them.
Often times, successful people have a laser-like focus on what they are good at.

Focus on doing tasks that you are good at.
Every time you carry out a task that you are good at, you build up your confidence, which is crucial for achieving the life of your dreams.

Every morning you open your eyes, take a minute to think about what you can do today, to better your tomorrow.
When you have decided what to do, use all your energy & skills to carry out the task you've chosen.

If you decide to improve your economy, start by finding ways to earn more money or by ways to spend less money.
Ideally, both earning more & spending less will put you in a better financial situation if you are consistent about it.
But remember, these things means hard work.
Rule number one, there are no shortcuts to success in any aspect of your life.

If you wanna improve your physique, make sure you have the money necessary to start a gym membership & begin to eat healthier foods.
If you for some reason don't have the money, then work you butt off to get the money necessary.
Usually, these things don't happen overnight.
You need to cut the bad habits loose.

If you live for the weekends downtown with your friends partying, you're not ready to change your life & be serious about yourself.
Improving your physique means also cutting off alcohol & fast foods.
Hard work in the gym won't cut it, you'll have to reconsider what foods you put into your body.


Recycle Your Pain To Be Successful

When you start building yourself up, you'll recognize a bigger pressure from outside people who don't understand your new lifestyle.
Don't pay much attention to outsiders who try to get to you, & ultimately bring you down mentally.
Stay focused & committed to your goals all the time, this is the only way to carry out them out, some days, you'll feel like giving up & quitting, those are the days where you are stronger than that.
Stand tall, these are the days that will strengthen the core of your being, realize that the bad days & the good days are equally important for you to better yourself & your life.
Learn to use pain as a tool for moving forward, this is one the hardest thing to do actually do.
Recycle the pain you feel in your body & your mind to push forward towards the directions of your dreams.

It's so easy writing this plan for you, but know that the execution is the damn hard part!
That's why talking about these things rarely matters, people determined enough to really go out & make the life of their dreams usually don't have much time for talking or reading.
This is about DOING.
Day in & day out.

Your turn!
Please share your views on how to make a better life.

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