12th september 2016
how to win in life by erasing your fears

How To Win In Life By Erasing Your Fears

Fears are existing in each one of us, but we cope differently with them.Some may never overcome fear in their life & others may. How can we overcome fear? Fear has many faces, & that is so hard to deal with them because it's really hard to name those faces.Sometimes fear is sitting & waiting in the back of one's mind.Other times, it will hit you right in the face in a matter of split-seconds.In […]
29th august 2016
how to keep rocking when life is hard on you

How To Keep Rocking When Life Is Hard On You

We all know those days when life is rough. We have to network, think, talk, listen, be polite, meet our deadlines, carry out our list of to-do's & be good to our surroundings. All those things are hard, especially when we have to do them all at once.The world in the digital sphere is moving at high-speed & in our day-to-day environment, the world is moving at a slower pace. That contrast is very hard […]