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Logo Design

On of my services is Logo Design, I learned various things about graphic design how to make logo branding through visual identity for small startups as well as larger companies with their vision and core values.

In the fast paced digital century we are experiencing at the time, it is a must to stand out from the crowd of businesses.

It is necessary that your costumers feel that your company is authentic and high quality in all ways of communication.

I can make your startup/company communicate authenticity through well-communicated logo branding based on the core values of your company.

Web Design

I Have worked extensively with the making of user interfaces, user experiences, mockups, prototyping, visual layout & typography.

I have made my hands dirty when its comes to web design.

 not only did I design all the time, I have also coded web pages from the bottom up.
So my web design skills are tremendous when working with usability & function.


Print Design

Business cards, posters, articles, banner campaigns, ads, newspaper layout & everything else within graphic design.

That is something I eat for breakfast every day. I have a big passion for visuals, and that is also visible in my print work.

When building a great brand it is important to communicate a clear & trusting message on all platforms you are on, I can help you to brand your company consistent on all media online/offline.

iOS Design

Creation of 3 iOS apps, 2 for iPhone and 1 for iPod Touch.
I really like to do interaction design, prototyping, user experience design, mockups, user reviews.
The goal is to create highly usable & exciting visuals.

I like to design for a real audience, who will find a great value in the product long after it has launched.

the details play a really big role in the design on these small devices, which I apply to other areas of graphic design.


Wanna Build?

You came all the way down to this part of the page, which is so great!
I’m happy that you find my services tasteful.

I will do my absolute best to make your ideas a reality. So that you and your customers will have a great future relationship!

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